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5 Tips For Journalists Starting To Shoot

The great thing about shooting your own pictures, as a reporter, is that you have total creative freedom. You can spend longer with your subject at a time to suit them. You can get to them quicker and you are less intimidating with a small camera. Here are 5 crucial tips when starting out: 1) […]

5 Tips For Shooting Interviews

1) The sixty second recce. When you arrive at the location put your kit down then stop,look and listen. Shut your eyes and listen for background noise. Walk around – look at the location from a variety of angles and think about where best to set-up the camera and position the interviewee. Go into different […]

5 Tips For Shooting Sequences (Plus One For Free)

Whether you are able to direct your contributors or have to film then without interuption the end goal is the same. To create visually interesting pictures that tell the story and can be easily edited together. An editor’s job is to cut out the boring bits of any event and give us a complete idea […]

Tips From An Experienced Self-Shooter

We have asked the ITV News correspondent Keith Wilkinson , a pioneering camera enabled reporter, to share some tips from his experiences: I was one of the very first self-shooters in the ITV regional newsrooms  – in the days when it was very much the exception and not the norm. For example, I filmed myself […]